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What You Should Know prior to Hiring a Painting Contractor

 Your home is one of your biggest investments and maintaining this asset is essential to the growth of your equity. When it comes to home maintenance it is wise to hire a professional but please use the Buyer Beware approach and arm yourself with what to look for when hiring a painting contractor. The good news is, with a little research at your fingertips and wisdom; you can

put the odds in your favor to find the right team for your home renovations.

Know How to Find a Legitimate and Quality Contractor

In 2014 the laws on business insurance changed adding more requirements. There are multiple uninsured or under insured contractors currently doing business. They often cut costs by not carrying necessary insurances, allowing them to underbid legitimate contractors. It is illegal for a company or subcontractors to not have workmen’s compensation and General liability insurance. You, as a homeowner, will be liable if a worker gets injured or if something gets damaged due to the negligence of an uninsured or under insured worker. If a contractor or Sub contractor can’t provide proper documents, Don’t walk, RUN! Always ask for copies of both General Liability and Workmen’s Compensation current insurance documents for all people involved,

especially when subcontractors are involved.

         1. Beware of cold walk up sale pitches. It is illegal to solicit products and services door to door without proper licensing in many communities and almost all communities where a “no solicitation” sign is displayed. This is a very inexpensive way for companies to drum up business and is usually accompanied with a made up hardship story and their best wide eyed, humblest look they can muster up to get your business.
2. Know and understand your contract. Watch out for tricky worded contracts. They should be specific and to the point. Know what product is going to be applied, how it’s going to be applied and what kind of finish it’s going to have.

3. Big Name Brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have many lines or grades of paint ranging from just under $20 dollars a gallon to well over $60 dollars a gallon. Make sure your contractor specifies what grade paint you are getting and make sure they use the products that were agreed upon in the contract.

Things to Know About Staining Cedar Homes

1. Only use “Stain” on your Cedar home, be it Solid Base or Transparent. Cedar Wood needs to breathe. Solid base stain has the appearance of regular “Paint” but is designed to let the wood breathe even with multiple coats. If a home is experiencing peeling problems, chances are that paint at one point paint was used instead of stain on your home. The Number One reason for failed exterior and interior coatings is “Lack of Proper Preparation”
The other largest factor in a failed coating is Improper Application. For example, Spraying Versus Hand Application.

2. For best results stain must be brushed. Brushing stain into the grain of cedar insures

proper adhesion, a top quality finish and promotes longevity, two traits unachievable by spraying alone. Spraying stain also wastes material and can be problematic to the surrounding

environment due to elements like the wind that can cause overspray.

Cedar homes need to be recoated every 5 to 7 years,

3. Treating Mildew with a bleaching solution is mandatory for eradicating mildew. Simply pressure washing alone won’t cut it. Even “mildew resistant” stains stand no chance if the mildew wasn’t treated properly. The crew has to get up on ladders and spray treatment and

then follow with power washing.

4. Cedar siding is supposed to be snug against the wall of the house. If you can stick a credit card under the cedar planks, it’s time to refasten the planks. If you can stick your fingers under the planks, your home needs immediate attention now. Tightening up the siding will also help with increased thermal insulation, equating to more efficient heating and cooling.

 Things to Know About Interior Painting

1. Almost anyone can quickly learn to use a roller somewhat effectively. What defines a mark of the true painter is how well they can handle a brush. Ceiling corners should be straight and razor sharp as well as the edges on baseboard and trim.

2. It’s very popular right now to transform your wood trim to painted white. This is fine if your home has construction grade pine wood trim or your home has hardwood oak trim that was

stained dark or is not in the greatest shape due to wear and tear.

3. Please rethink transforming your trim if you have beautiful natural finished light Oak. What’s popular now may not be popular in the future. These transformations are

for the most part permanent.

Even though we live in a world were the open public can voice their opinion and experiences

through social media and reviews, it is still difficult to find a quality contractor you can trust. Knowing what to look for can help you find the contractor you need to beautify and preserve your home.

Best Wishes,
Anthony Carroso
Preemo Painting & Repairs Inc.