All of Preemo Painting & Repair's employees undergo a complete background check to ensure good character.

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​Special Thanks to Preemo Team RESCUERS;

Experts at wood Restoration and Mildew eradication;

Michael Carroso

Gage Smith

David “Micah” Wolfe

David is a third-generation painter with fantastic work ethics due to his military background and North Carolina upbringing. Fortunately for Preemo and the community, Micah migrated up to the Chicagoland area in 2018 to start a family. Micah’s forte is his Brush Work where he is superbly accurate and efficient, in addition, he also enjoys refinishing high-end cabinets and staircases. This mild-mannered character possesses a southern politeness that makes him very pleasant be around and work with. As dedicated as he is to the development of this company, he still finds time for his family, hiking and camping. As a side note, Micah is extremely knowledgeable in wild-life and is quick to make us aware of any potential dangers such as poisonous spiders or ivy.

​Special Thanks to Preemo Team Weekend Warriors

For going above and beyond, in no specific order;

Mark Aguilar

David Gonyea

Michael Carroso

Mark “Markee” Aguilar 

Mark comes from a family of painters and was trained by his father, the owner of a prominent decorating service that was based in Chicago. Since 1989, at an early age, Mark has been put to many challenges in the field including having to hang some of the most difficult wallpaper in existence. Mark is a true artist in life and really enjoys specialized projects such as creating original never seen before faux finish surfaces and restoring old furniture. One of his proudest moments was when he and his father restored Abraham Lincoln’s childhood school in Springfield. Thanks in part to his father, Mark’s work ethics, loyalty, and dedication to the development of this company are incredible. He is a key part of the elite Preemo Team “Weekend Warriors” and a rock-solid anchor in Preemo Painting.  
When Mark isn’t painting he enjoys acting. He has appeared in many movies and is currently active in the hit series Chicago Fire. When Mark takes a break from the arts he enjoys traveling the world with his wife Kimmy, who is also an actress and his dog Roxy.

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5 % of all profits go to charities including; Autism, Wildlife rescue, local food pantries and more.