5 % of all profits go to charities including; Autism, Wildlife rescue, local food pantries and more.

​                          Exterior

1. Window & Window/Door Trim Repair or Replacement

2. Cedar Siding Repair or Replacement Restoring & Refinishing

​3. Vinyl & Aluminum Clad Home Painting and Refinishing

​4. Mold & Mildew Ratification and Pressure Washing

​5. Caulking & Re-Nailing all Cedar Siding

​6. Cleaning, Repairing & Refinishing Decks


Preemo Painting & Repairs Inc. offers a complete array of products and services to accommodate your home owners' needs. We pride ourselves on restoring homes and decks to their true glory. Contact us now for a fast & free estimate @ 630-673-9555 or 

Email  PreemoPainting@Sbcglobal.net ​​or simply click here, 



1. Transforming natural wood Trim, Windows

    and Doors to contemporary Painted

2. Custom Interior Designs & Repaint

3. Mold, Grease and Smoke Removal  

4. Water Damage Repair

5. Faux Finish 

6. Minor Carpentry and Repair


We support our troops with employment

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