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​Golden Web Design, a small branch of Preemo Painting Inc. 2017

Your home is one of your biggest investments.

Before you spend $tens of thousands$ for wood replacement, be it, windows, window sill, trim or cedar siding due to cracks, cupping, warping or water damage...

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We have saved our costumers thousands by avoiding unnecessary and costly wood replacement. We have the ability to permanently repair seemingly destroyed wood with specialty products especially on windows, window trim, sills and cedar siding. 

We are not talking about a small board cracked or cupped here or there. We can replace that easy! We are talking about when your home is in such shape due to the elements that it appears all windows and siding soon need to be replaced.

And when replacement is the only

option we are able to provide that at a fraction of most if not all manufactures and installers cost.

As far as interior repairs, from Drywall repair to light carpentry we are able to cater to your needs.

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