Notice the Glow, This is an affect that we achieve from applying the Highest Quality Craftsmanship and Materials. All of the homes we work on will have the Preemo Glow.

On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst condition, This on was a solid 6 1/2. 


Nicely preserved in 2017 to last indefinitely as long as it is maintained and re-stained  between 5 & 7  years.

Do Not Try This at Home, We are Trained Professionals!

This one was a solid 9 1/2. Nobody wanted to touch it. You could stick your fingers under most of the boards. One more year without maintenance would have cost the homeowner approximately $30,000 in wood replacement. 

​Golden Web Design, a small branch of Preemo Painting Inc. 2017

We support our troops with employment

5 % of all profits go to charities including; Autism, Wildlife rescue, local food pantries and more.