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Anthony Carroso        COO, Founder & Crew Leader 

Yes I am still actively in the field involved and overseeing all operations


Debra Carroso           Legal Secretary

Emily Golden            Marketing & web design

​Golden Web Design, a small branch of Preemo Painting Inc. 2017

​​​    Preemo Painting & Repairs Inc. ​​is a family owned and operated business coming from a 3rd generation of painters. We have been serving Naperville, Aurora and all neighboring communities starting around 1995. Delivering the highest grade materials and the finest craftsmanship, satisfaction guaranteed is a given. 

​We are dedicated to giving you our undivided attention and providing you with, 

Superior quality and service at affordable rates.


    To offer a little more on my back ground, painting and refinishing started with my grandfather. My father and several of my uncles where and some still are painters although my father specialized in automotive repainting and printing. In 1984 straight out of high school (not to date myself) my uncles took me on the road with them painting Gap Stores across the country as a journeyman. We painted stores from Pennsylvania to California. At the time I came up with the name Production Painting for my company and used it from 1984 to 2004. Although, as time went by I started to gravitate more towards residential work catering to the Naperville, Aurora and Lisle area. As this happened I started to realize that Production Painting sounded a little too commercial and felt that I would eventually need a new name.

   In fall 2000, due to in part the high volume of material I was moving and the endorsement of the local paint stores, I was elected and honored to be featured in the Professional Painting Contractor Magazine. In hindsight, one of my biggest secrets to my success was costumer satisfaction. In all my years I have never left a costumer unsatisfied and held a perfect score with the Better Business Bureau.

   Around 2003 through 2005 I started gravitating more towards home purchasing and renovating and less towards painting eventually settling into being a stay home dad to raise my kids. In the fall of 2014 realizing my kids were pretty much grown, and longing to get back in the business, not to mention collage around the corner, I decided to start the painting company up again this time with a new name and vision. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be welcomed back into the community from all the sales reps and new customers. I am also trilled that my family is so supportive having each one of them an important part of the Preemo Team. And who knows, this may end up being a 4th generation painting company one day.


Thank You Sincerely,

President of Preemo Painting & Repairs Inc.,

Anthony Carroso